Executive Officers 聖友職員 (2012-2014)

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President George Go (Batch '75)
Executive Vice Pres Mario Sy (Batch '68)
Vice Presidents Norberto Kwong (Batch '60)
  Tita Rose Tan (Batch '63)
  Gerald Uy Chan (Batch '87)
Secretary Lu San Sey Ching (Batch '62)
Treasurer Genara Lee Tan (Batch '65)
Auditor Luis de Jesus (Batch '69)


Secretariat Committee

CHAIRMAN Lu San Sey Ching
MEMBERS Ellen Lee Tan (Batch '75)
  Ngo Lia Tan (Batch '54)
  Tiong Tak Ngo (Batch '66)
  Evelyn Chuabio Lee (Batch '75)
ADVISER George Go  

Treasury Committee

CHAIRMAN Genara Lee Tan  
MEMBERS Elizabeth Keng (Batch '77)
  Lily C. Tang (Batch '64)
ADVISER Tita Rose Tan  

Audit Committee

CHAIRMAN Luis de Jesus  
MEMBERS Nancy Yu Ching (Batch '76)
  Nancy Chen (Batch '75)
ADVISER George Go  

General Affairs and Service Committee

CHAIRMAN Corazon Lee (Batch '64)
MEMBERS Rosa Sau Nam Ngo (Batch '67)
  Victoria Tan (Batch '62)
ADVISER Tita Rose Tan  

Organization Committee

CHAIRMAN Solomon Cham (Batch '85)
MEMBERS Brenda Escario Yu (Batch '84)
  Charles Eugene Ty (Batch '91)
ADVISER Mario Sy  

Public Relations/Coordination Committee

CHAIRMAN Mary Co Tan (Batch '59)
MEMBERS Michael Sim (Batch '92)
  Faye Joyleen Tan (Batch 2002)
ADVISER Mario Sy  

Alumni Welfare Committee

CHAIRMAN Theresa Ong (Batch '52)
MEMBERS Charles Dy (Batch '75)
  Dr. Judy Torrecarion (Batch '80)
  Alexander Go (Batch '70)
ADVISER Gerald Uy Chan  

Business and Jobs Committee

CHAIRMAN Herman Chong (Batch '78)
MEMBERS Enrique Dy (Batch '74)
  Fausto Chan Tiu (Batch '74)
ADVISER Norberto Kwong  

Recreation Committee

CHAIRMAN Anita Kaw Sy (Batch '63)
MEMBERS Sofia Ong Chua (Batch '63)
  Natividad Cua (Batch '54)
ADVISER Gerald Uy Chan  

Sports Committee

CHAIRMAN Eng Hong Tan (Batch '67)
MEMBERS Manuel Yuchio (Batch '71)
  Alexander Martos (Batch '85)
  Eng Peng Lim (Batch '77)
ADVISER George Go  

Chinese Literature Committee

CHAIRMAN Manuel So (Batch '71)
MEMBERS Nancy Na (Batch '62)
  Nora Koa Chan (Batch '65)
  Robin Lim (Batch '60)
ADVISER Norberto Kwong  

Publication (Website) Committee

CHAIRMAN Jeffrey Hao (Batch '70)
MEMBERS Peter Tiope (Batch '82)
  Nikki Yu (Batch 2003)
  Sarah Mae Tanhuanco (Batch 2004)
ADVISER Mario Sy  
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