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The St. Stephen’s High School Alumni Association plays a vital role in the advancement of the Alma Mater. Under the able leadership of the past and present presidents, namely, Dr. Luisa Yuchengco Lim, Miss Ang Cham, Mrs. Mary Lim, Mrs. Liana Ang, Mr. William Go, Mr. Cristino Teodoro Lim, Mr. Benito Ong, Mrs. Ong Lu Pick Huy, Mrs. Rosa Bairan, Mr. Victor Lim, Mr. Fernando Cobengkay, Mrs. Evelyn Dy Ang, Mr. Gan Tiak Kheng, Mrs. Martina Ng Lao, Mrs. Eluina Sim and Mr. Peter Phoa, together with the other devoted officers of the Alumni Association have contributed very much to the welfare of the School.

The objectives of the Alumni Association are to keep in touch with the alumni and coordinate their activities and to contribute to the welfare of the Alma Mater. Aside from the 47 duly elected officers, an alumnus from each batch is invited to act as year representative to sit in the regular officer’s meeting and to disseminate information to their fellow batch members.

An annual alumni reunion is held to celebrate the school anniversary and honor the Silver (25 years), Pearl (30 years) and Gold (50 years) jubilarians, to award outstanding alumni and to elect new officers.

In 1992 and 1994 the new elementary and pre-school buildings were completed respectively. Approximately 80 percent of 100 million pesos construction expense was donated by the alumni. In 1992 the School celebrated the 75th School Anniversary. The Alumni Association, in coordination with the School, staged the “Once Upon a Time” presentation at the PICC. The proceeds of 5 million pesos went to the construction of the Pre-school building.

Way back in 1982 the Alumni Association initiated a welfare fund for the faculty and staff, Christmas cash gifts were given to them. In 1995 the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Association Officers, together with the Principal and the Assistant Principals made plan for the faculty and staff welfare fund. The Officers of the Alumni Association decided to transfer their accumulated funds to the present St. Stephen’s High School Faculty and Staff Welfare Fund Foundation. This merger took place in 1996.

The Constance Bolderston Scholarship Fund is under the custody of the Alumni Association, solicitation from the alumni and the distribution of grants to the children of alumni who are studying at St. Stephen’s was made annually.

The alumni residing in Vancouver, Canada, East U.S.A. and West U.S.A. organize themselves into groups and reunions were made regularly. The alumni scattered all over the Philippines and some other countries. Their success in life and their outstanding achievements can be attributed to the basic education given them at St. Stephen’s, and this enabled them to further their studies and helped them in pursuing their respective professions. Their contribution given to the community and to the country is so enormous that we praise the Lord for it. Many alumni have to know Jesus Christ during their stay in the School and have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. They have displayed Christian virtues in serving the Lord and in loving their neighbors. Some of them even consecrate themselves to become full-time ministers.
May the Lord bless the Alumni Association in all its undertakings, so that the alumni will be inspired to give their love and concern for their Alma Mater. May St. Stephen’s High School flourish and continue to be the pride of the alumni.

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